About Birdie

Meet Birdie! 

I got the nickname "Birdy" when I was little because my mom said I would eat like a bird so my whole family started calling me Birdy. Ever since I was young I carried everything with me. I had to make sure I was prepared (for pre k) at all times hehe

A true virgo- I've always been a planner girly (bought my first planner in middle school), but every year I found myself buying multiple planners throughout the year because they never 100% had all the things I wanted. On top of them not having exactly what I needed, I always found myself getting bored with them. 

My goal was to create a quality planner that's not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. In this planner you will find that every month has its own theme and font. All the themes represent things I like/think are cute, things that remind me of something. Examples including my dogs, a birdie, lips (because my lips are juicy DUH), astrology. 


Quality is the #1 thing for me. The planner is made with 140gsm paper, thick enough that your pens will not bleed through the page and where pages will not rip out easily. 


In this planner you will find an area to track all the books you read throughout the year. A section to write out your goals for the year and a vision board space where you can either write, draw or print out pictures for your vision board. You will also get a monthly calendar for each month and a weekly section that has an area to track habits and track your workouts. 


Every month has its own quote, theme and font because who likes seeing the same font every month. I get bored of seeing the same thing I always like to change things up (my aesthetic, the way I do my make up, rearrange the house every couple of months). 


My goal was to create a unique planner for all my planner girlies that love to be organized and need to write things or else they'll forget (me really).